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Another DamnSillyBigFootIdea

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We need to buy 3 new laptops for the association for use processing Sportdent results. What should we consider when buying them ?

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The majority of sport software will run on a computer that was built in the time of the ark. ONSW has a computer that was bought in 2006 and it is still useable.

So the processing speed , memory are not that important. I would suggest that you have 2-3 usb ports. You need one for the master unit and one for say a printer and then depending if you come from the age of the dinosaur, like me, a usb to connect your mouse!
More battery power is good too - the longer the laptop can last without external power, the better.

Would operating systems be a consideration ?
Windows is almost mandatory, but Windows 8 may confuse some people and 64-bit would require different drivers for hooking up the download unit.
See also this question:

There are a few options for buying toughbooks second-hand at sub $500 these days.