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Another DamnSillyBigFootIdea

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Does anyone know of a way to import Competitors into ór from, say, a CSV file of pre-registrations?

I know it can be done in OE but cannot see a way in ór.

1 Answer

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See the samples on the Ór web-site:

Format is:
Surname,First Name,Club,SI Number,SI Rent Request,Start Time,Entry Class,Course,Federation ID

The sample given there doesn't actually contain start-times, I just tested with start times and it sort of works...

"Bloggs","Philip","BF",123456,"N",00:01,"M60L"," ",,0
"Bloggs","Helen","BF",654321,"N","00:09","W55L"," ",,0

Importing with Tools|Startlist|Import gives me the two starters, but the start times are:
24:01 and 24:09

I've no idea whether the extra 24 hours resolves itself. When I export the same start-list, I lose the 24 hours.