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Another DamnSillyBigFootIdea

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Does results software handle SPORTident controls numbered over 256 when SI 5 cards are used ?

They are reportedly limited to controls numbered up to 256, but I have seen them used OK with higher numbered controls at some events.

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PP asked.

I looked at 4 pieces of software, and the results varied, so the message is probably to test your software. The course was set with 3 controls 248, 249 and 300.


Software Tested
Software Test Result
MEOS The software gets the wrong number when the card is read, however its very easy to assign more than one number to a control, so its easily fixable. For example control 300 could also have 44 assigned to it (=300-256).
Or The software detects the wrong number when the chip is read and corrects it to match the number declared for the control on the course. This probably won't work if you actually used both the real number (300) and its "what SI5 sees"counterpart (44) on the same course...
SI Simple The software read the wrong number and just reported it as a mispunch. Will be fixed.
OE 2010 The trial version doesn't let you set up courses... so you are on your own. It looks pretty blooming complicatd though.