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Another DamnSillyBigFootIdea

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We are using our (relatively new) SI gear in our current Park series of events and using the Or software. The results for those competitors with the new SI10 and SI11 sticks are not being processed correctly even though they come out fine on our little download+printer setup. I felt sure we had users with those sticks compete in our recent  DuO and MTBO events and there were no troubles there. Any clues on where we might start looking to correct these problems?

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New SI cards require new software on both the SI units and for results processing.

When the results software (Or in this case, but it could apply to other software) reads the card data, that data will probably be laid out in a different way to other cards. If the software hasn't been updated then it will usually choke in some way.

If you have the master (download) units(s) running with extended mode turned on, try turning it off - you do this with SI-Config. I think that makes the data from the new cards look like SI6 cards or something similar, that the software can cope with.