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Another DamnSillyBigFootIdea

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What is the simplest way to upload results from MeOS to Eventor ?

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MeOS interface in Eventor

The very simplest way is to use the MeOS interface with Eventor. This assumes that:

  1. The event is in Eventor with class names
  2. The event in MeOS was created from Eventor using the "Competition from Eventor" functionality available on the inital screen

If those conditions are true then to upload results back to Eventor, then when the event is complete:

  1. Click on "Eventor Connection" on the competition tab
  2. Click "Publish Results". Obviously you will need an internet connection.

"Manual" Uploading

If the first approach doesn't work, then you can manually upload the results file to Eventor. There are a few more steps.

  1. Export the results to an IOF v3 XML file using "Results & Splits" under "Export data" on the right hand side of the Competition tab
  2. Select the classes to export - avoid selecting anything that is not in Eventor (or add those classes to eventor).
  3. Browse to choose where to save the file and what to call it.
  4. Click "Export"  (its easy to forget to do this and then no file is created).
  5. Logon to Eventor
  6. Click on "Administration" (top menu)
  7. Click on "Club's Events" (side menu)
  8. Choose the event
  9. Click on "Data exchange"
  10. In "Upload result list" click on "Choose File" and choose the file created in step 4