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Another DamnSillyBigFootIdea

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The file out2.dxf generated by Kartapullautin and stored in the temp folder in the output has index contours, contours and intermediate contours (a.k.a. form lines).

How can I import these into Open Orienteering Mapper and eliminate the form lines ?

1 Answer

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  1. Import the out2.dxf file (File | Import)
  2. Show the Tag Editor (View | Tag editor)
  3. Click on an intermediate contour, the Tag editor should show you that the Tag for it has Key "Layer" and Value "contour_intermed"
  4. Open the Find dialog (Edit | Find...)
  5. Set the Key and Value the same as the intermediate contour tag values ("Layer" and "contour_intermed")
  6. Click on Find Next to make sure it finds an intermediate contour
  7. Click on Find All to find all of them (in my installation they are not highlighted, but they are still all selected)
  8. Hit the delete button

There is an article about this, but it is a little out of date, so some of the things the author mentions have been moved in Mapper.